Linda’s approach is integrative and addictions trained, 12 step being one of the models. She has also been trained in existential psychodynamics which means looking for the meanings behind your current and past situations. Psychodynamic therapy works towards developing a greater awareness of early patterns of behaviour, allowing the client to experience a greater sense of personal authority and well being in the here and now.

Linda uses a number of approaches depending on what seems appropriate for the client and their particular issues. The aim of the session(s), together with your specified goal, is to help you have a better understanding of yourself, which in turn will help you deal with the feelings that are encroaching on your current life that have led you to be in a situation that you are not happy with.  The therapy cannot change you, but it can facilitate change if you allow that.  Linda’s aim is to be empathetic, empowering and supportive throughout the whole process.

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