My life as a border collie by Nancy L Johnston 190 pages. Published by central recovery press.

border collie

If you have more questions on co-dependency Nancy Johnston will be able to answer them through this book Nancy has researched most literature on co-dependency and this book has  a wide range of references which remind us of our current understanding.

Nancy goes beyond what is currently written on co-dependency and expands her knowledge through her own and others’ experience, taking us to a  new level of recovery. Nancy uses the metaphor of her pet dog Daisy the border collie to explain the co-dependent characteristics that Nancy has identified with over some sixteen years.

I have already used some information from the book with one of my co-dependent clients using the border collie behaviours to reflect and the feedback was remarkable. A gentle way of looking at one’s negative traits. So the idea of journeying through the awareness of co-dependency through the behaviours of the border collie seems to work in practice. Nancy’s description of sensitivity, which is one of the characteristics is enlightening. Nancy wrote “one of the core features of co-dependency is emotional suppression” reminding us to express our feelings in ways that are honest. Honesty is an important tool to change the roots of co-dependency.  Nancy goes on to write that she had to accept her powerlessness over people in order to reduce the power of her sensitivity.

In describing this book I would use words such as gentle, loving, healing, clear, easy to read, and most important, fun.

Linda smith is the founder and CEO of steps2recovery and is in private practice as

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