Private Service

Counselling Services offers a Private, Qualified, Professional, Counselling, Psychotherapy, to Individuals, Couples and Groups.

Employers Service

Counselling Services offers a Consultancy, Trauma, Counselling and Therapy Service to employers working seamlessly with their own Occupational Health Schemes and Human Resource Departments. In cases of Occupational Trauma the Service is available on a 24 hour call-out basis and can be accessed by employers at very short notice providing vital and immediate assistance to staff following a trauma event. Employees can also be referred via email, telephone or post. Alternatively, I can visit the place of employment during normal working hours. I also accept referrals from Employee Assistance Programme providers (EAP’s), Private Medical Health providers and Legal Representatives.

I have a MA in managing murder, therefore Ex- soldiers, police and fireman may need support to overcome the witness- syndrome

Healthcare Service

Counselling Services offers the same level of service to Consultants, General Practitioners, Social Services and Healthcare Workers who may wish to refer a patient for my private Counselling or Psychotherapy service.
Send your referral for Anger Management

Anger management is not just simply a cognitive answer; I will focus on the reasons for the anger and the effect it is having on your life through the sessions

Anger management

send your referral for Anger Management

Anger management is not just simply a cognitive answer; I will focus on the reasons for the anger and the effect it is having on your life through the sessions

Some Personal Issues Covered

Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Bereavement, Loss, Stress, Life Crisis, Sex, Sexual Identity, Sexuality, ‘Coming Out’. Relationships, Work Related Problems, Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse (past or present), Rape (male & female), Anger Management. Please note that this list is not exhaustive, if your issue is not covered here or, you are in any doubt; please call me for a free and informal chat.

My approach

My approach is integrative and addictions trained. I have also been trained in existential and psychodynamics which means looking for the meanings behind your current and past situations. The psychodynamic approach to therapy looks at how past experiences might shape and influence our thinking in regard to both our present relationships with others and in our relationships with ourselves.
Psychodynamic therapy works towards developing a greater awareness of early patterns of behaviour. Allowing the client to experience a greater sense of personal authority and well being in the here and now. I will use a number of approaches depending on what seems appropriate for the client and their particular issues. The aim of the session(s), together with your specified goal, is to help you have a better understanding of yourself, which in turn will help you deal with the feelings that are encroaching on your current life that have led you to be in a situation that you are not happy with.  I cannot change you; I can only facilitate the changes if you allow that.  My aim is to be empathetic, empowering and supportive throughout the whole process.


I aim to make your counselling session as relaxing an experience as possible. I also endeavour to create a safe, secure and confidential environment enabling openness and ease of disclosure of what can be delicate, sensitive and often painful issues. Confidentiality is taken very seriously by professional Counsellors and Psychotherapists and everything that is discussed is kept in

All sessions come under the confidentially policy

All sessions are shared in supervision

All notes are kept in a locked cabinet but you may view them at any time

You may want to ask yourself some questions before coming to the session:

  • Why have I looked for counselling?
  • What is my view and understanding of counselling?
  • What expectations do I have of counselling?
  • What do I want to achieve from my sessions?
  • How many sessions do I want to take up?

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